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TLCargo a.s.


Na Máchovně 1610,
266 01 Beroun, Czech Republic

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+420 608 956 190

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Total warehouse capacity

more 5500 packages

Which is capable of holding up to 1000 m3 of goods

Storage conditions and certificates

Storage conditions
Storage conditions
Storage conditions
Storage conditions
Storage conditions

TLCargo a.s. has modern warehouses. With regard to the security of the property, the entire complex and warehouses are covered with physical protection, an alarm system and closed-circuit monitoring. Access to buildings and rooms is restricted and registered through an access control system. We have warehouses for products requiring a temperature of 15-25 °C and cold warehouses for storing products at a temperature of 2-8 °C. The capacity of the storage rooms is more than 5,500 packages and 440 packages at a temperature of 2-8 °C. The warehouse complex has separate warehouses - depository, controlled products and importers.

The warehouse is heated and cooled by independent devices configured so that even in the event of a failure of half of them, the required conditions remain at the appropriate level. Temperature and humidity monitored 24/7 with the possibility of remote viewing are archived and stored for 5 years. Two independent alarm systems are installed in all warehouses, which send information to designated persons (SMS, e-mail, information to security agencies) in case of failure of any equipment or deviations from set parameters, and they act in accordance with the provisions of quality management system procedures and take appropriate measures to remedy the failure.

In order to ensure maximum safety of stored products, both own and entrusted, roofs, compressors and other equipment responsible for maintaining the correct temperature, as well as servers enabling the operation of IT system controlling warehouse operation, are connected to power generators, ensuring continuous operation of the equipment even in case of mains power failure.

All equipment, rooms, IT system and processes taking place in the warehouses were qualified and the warehouses themselves were mapped by an independent certified unit to ensure maximum safety and correct temperature distribution throughout the warehouse.

A redesigned IT system according to our needs ensures that we meet the requirements of the new DPD. We have full control over every stored package and its history. The system ensures compliance with the FEFO principle and blocks the release of products with too short a shelf life.

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