How medicines are transported

Individual stages of transport of medicines and medical supplies

Jak probíhá přeprava léčiv

Shipping procedure

Service order

You can order the transport of medicines and medical supplies by phone, e-mail or web form. Just fill in the basic data.


Receipt of goods for transport

After ordering the transport, the sender will be visited at the agreed time by our employee, who will pick up the consignment and load it into one of our specially adapted cars, equipped for the transport of medicines and medical supplies.


Additional shipment insurance

Our transport is completely safe and complies with all regulations and standards for the transport of medicines. However, the risk of damage can never be ruled out - even with the utmost care. If you are interested, you can arrange additional insurance for the shipment.


Transportation of goods

We will always transport your shipment by the fastest route. We perfectly optimize our routes so that the transport lasts as short a time as possible. We use specially adapted cars, enabling the precise setting of the internal temperature, which we constantly monitor throughout the transport.


Shipment delivery

As soon as we arrive at our destination, we will hand over the consignment to the addressee, to whom we will also provide a complete temperature report, proving that the temperature during transport did not exceed the specified limits.


Telephone notification

Before we deliver the shipment, we will notify the recipient by phone in advance.


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